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We are AM House. We specialize in the sale, rental and management of real estate, commercial investment and development in and around Prague. We have over 12 years of experience in the industry and successful real estate projects. Our team is made up of talented professionals who are a pleasure to work with. We take consultations as a natural part of our work. We do everything so that you can turn to us with confidence and, above all, come back to us. Our clients and their needs always come first for us.

We are ambitious, we have a drive for the goal, we react quickly and promptly. We work with developers, investors and individuals who are looking for something special in real estate. We can solve complex issues of the real estate market and always tailor the service package to the client. You can rely on transparent communication and honest dealings.


We are clear about what we can offer you. We will use our experience and skills to your advantage.

Aleksandr Naumov

He has been active in the real estate market in the Czech Republic since 2009. Thanks to his skills and open approach when dealing with clients, he quickly managed to establish himself and open the way to cooperation with one of the largest developers in the Czech Republic - the Crestyl company. He believes that honesty and transparency are the basis for a satisfied life and work with the client. After surrounding himself with like-minded people, he decided to start his own real estate agency in 2015.

Daria Ergunova
Property manager

Her main feature is an extraordinary ability to communicate with the client, listen to him and fully understand his wishes. She cares about every detail and everything she does, she does with consistent care. She is characterized by an unconventional approach to work and the ability to see different ways to solve a given task without compromising her claims.

Sales specialist, head of the rental department

If he didn't work as a broker, he would become a pilot. He came to Prague precisely to study this profession. However, after meeting Aleksandr Naumov, real estate and the real estate industry grew close to his heart. He achieves excellent results thanks to his determination and perseverance, he is perfectly oriented to the market in the Czech Republic and is famous for his friendly approach to clients.

Pavel Vojtik
Sales specialist

A well-sold property is one that puts a smile on the face of both the seller and the buyer. Pavel Vojtik transfers the company's philosophy to the sales process itself. He came to Prague via Italy at a very young age, quickly established himself in the real estate market in the Czech Republic and became a broker.

Rental specialist

When he sees the goal, he doesn't see the obstacles. It believes in transparent and friendly behavior. For her, constructive communication is the basis for enriching cooperation. She takes care of rentals, is consistent when looking for tenants, and vets interested parties. Many apartment owners have secured long-term passive income without the worry of people who value and treat their new home that way.

Specialista na pronájmy

He has a deep knowledge of market dynamics, trends and available properties. She is active, likes to travel and speaks four languages fluently. He specializes in rentals in Prague. She helped students, top managers and families find a new home. He is always mindful of each client's unique needs and preferences. She pays meticulous attention to detail and is a joy to work with.

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