Zahrady Bohdalec

Prague 4, Michle, U Plynárny | PENB B | Number 1011
FlatFloorTotal areaBalcony / TerraceParkingPrice
3+kk 2 86.90 m2 7,5 m2 Yes 8 508 883 CZK
3+kk 4 86.90 m2 7,5 m2 Yes 8 501 753 CZK
3+kk 1 79.80 m2 87,5 m2 Yes 8 485 604 CZK
3+kk 4 86.10 m2 7,5 m2 Yes 8 475 429 CZK
3+kk 2 87 m2 7,5 m2 Yes 8 439 883 CZK

This family apartment complex offers a total of 135 modern units in an attractive part of Prague-Michle. These low-rise apartment buildings are set in a quiet location that is easily accessible by car and public transport. There are several school facilities in the immediate vicinity and a playground will be built directly on site. Because the street is intended solely for residents, the premises offer tranquility and plenty of privacy.

The great advantage of Bodhdalec Gardens is a wide range of options for active relaxation. It is close to the wooded hill of Bohdalec, to Tyršův Hill and to the popular sports facility near Hamer Pond. Shopping is easily available at the Kaufland hypermarket, which is within comfortable walking distance.