Vysoký Újezd u Prahy

Vysoký Újezd u Prahy, K Loužce | PENB - | Number 6338

Land for sale

In Vysoký Újezd it is 15 smaller localities with plots of land have been designed for those who prefer to build their own house. Some places are closer to the village center, others are more private in the woods, attractive places can also be found near the golf course. We are currently offering a new location in Na Výhledech. The date of approval of land in this locality is the end of 2021. The plots are completely networked and ready for construction. Water distribution and sewerage are newly built, high-speed internet connection is provided by an optical cable. Water to the land is led from the water source Káraný. Emphasis is placed on maintaining a quality and tasteful environment in this location. The basis is respecting the rules for building your own house, which are based on the zoning plan of the village.