Prague 5, Smíchov, Grafická | PENB B | Number 6365

NEUGRAF provides a stylish living in Grafická Street in Smíchov… whether you dream of a spacious loft, penthouse with a large terrace overlooking Prague, or a cosy apartment.

The enclosed and safe area offers a sufficient number of parking spaces, a relaxation area in nearby parks or in NEUGRAF. The terraced roof full of greenery is a place where you can sit with friends, where the sun sets over Prague every day, where you can find inner peace in a busy city.

A lush and verdant patio roof provides the backdrop for hanging out with friends as the sun sets over Prague every day, allowing you to find inner calm and peace even within the bustling metropolis.

All NEUGRAF residents have access to the rooftop and to the inner courtyard. The residential lifestyle we’re attempting to bring to Smíchov takes a page from the playbook of similar projects in major cities across Europe.

The craftmanship that goes into the apartments confirms that these are premium residences. Wood floors, generously proportioned windows, elegant doors, modern bathrooms (with the option to personalize design and fittings).

NEUGRAF offers its residents a 24/7 reception, a café, a parking garage, and a hub for work and meetings. Thanks to these features, NEUGRAF rises to become a multi-purpose space, delivering on the promise of a modern lifestyle under one roof. Unless, of course, you are literally on top of the roof, chilling with your friends among the greenery.Neugraf is nestled within a quiet part of the Prague district of Smíchov – yet only a few minutes from the bustling city center.


SMÍCHOV is not only Anděl. This is also a fashionable quarter on the bank of the Vltava River in the very centre of city, but authentic. There is everything in one place … shopping, parks, restaurants, cafés and clubs, a water shore called náplavka…,
not that overcrowded náplavka, that one is not ours. We have our own náplavka called Smíchovská.