Maison 1832

Prague 2, Nové Město, Tyršova | PENB | Number 1026
FlatFloorTotal areaBalcony / TerraceParkingPrice
2+kk 6 42.25 m2 No 5 897 300 CZK
3+kk 6-7 68.5 m2 No 7 987 030 CZK
3+kk 6-7 69.9 m2 No 8 736 250 CZK

“If the European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond between pearls.” More than one poet, statesman or famous personality was enchanted by our capital. Not only was Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it has also become one of the most popular world locations for life.

A high standard of living, quality infrastructure, security and the ubiquitous inspiring atmosphere are the domains of Prague 2. Cultural events, a vibrant metropolis with its unique charm offers something for everyone, creating a dynamic cosmopolitan mosaic of traditions and modernity. That is why we created the Maison 1832 project offering 36 luxury units located on the upper floors of the historic building. For this unique and tasteful project, we chose the highest PREMIUM quality equipment that reflects the uniqueness of the site itself. Part of the standard are three-layer wooden floors, marble floor and wall tiles and high quality Villeroy & Boch furnishings.