Premium Apartments in Prague from AM House

Luxury real estate in Prague is a dream come true. One of the oldest cities in Europe, Czechia’s capital gladly welcomes you to begin a new life here. A life full of comfort and pleasure.

Prague isn’t just a city famous for its chateaus and breweries. It’s also a modern, dynamic city that’s brimming with life. Tulipa Trebesin architectural ensemble is a proof to that. Its Villa Houses merge innovative, stylish architecture and all the amenities that modern life requires.

This residential project is perfect for business during the day. After the sun sets, you can immerse yourself into its calm atmosphere. The Villa Houses are surrounded with an emerald park area. And if you need to have a break — stop at one of the cafes to have a refreshing sip of Frappe.

VIP Status

These Villa Houses fully deserve a luxury title. They are shielded with gates, so no intruders can sneak in. Additional safety measures include video surveillance and access by security chips. Your car will also be out of danger thanks to its indoor parking lot.

Dwellers with kids will be provided with an exclusive kindergarten. The residency will also have its own shops, beauty parlors and other facilities so important for the modern citizen.

As for the houses, they are built from top-quality materials only. So you will be investing in both aesthetic value and reliable construction. Parquet, wooden terraces, ceramic floors in bathrooms and aluminum blinds controlled by your phone — this is luxury with a capital L.

The housing project is located in the picturesque Prague 3 district. Serenity, peace and old architecture — these words set the main tonality of the area. So, if you dream of buying luxury real estate in Prague — AM House has the offer you wouldn’t want to decline.